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"I'm not interested in fashion, generally" - Yohji Yamamoto


kylie jenner turns to vine for screen time because she gets none on keeping up with the kardashians

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what the fuck ash

please look at pikachu

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Many of us cannot help looking because of what Susan Sontag has called “the perennial seductiveness of war.” It is a kind of rubbernecking, staring at the bloody aftermath of something that is not an act of God but of man. The effect, as Ms. Sontag pointed out in an essay in The New Yorker in 2002, is anything but certain.

“Making suffering loom larger, by globalizing it, may spur people to feel they ought to ‘care’ more,” she wrote. “It also invites them to feel that the sufferings and misfortunes are too vast, too irrevocable, too epic to be much changed by any local, political intervention.”

So now that war comes to us in real time, do we feel helpless or empowered? Do we care more, or will the ubiquity of images and information desensitize us to the point where human suffering loses meaning when it is part of a scroll that includes a video of your niece twerking? Oh, we say as our index finger navigates to the next item, another one of those.

As war becomes a more remote, mechanized activity, posts and images from the target area have significant value. When a trigger gets pulled or bombs explode, real people are often on the wrong end of it. And bearing witness to the consequences gives meaning to what we see.

At Front Lines, Bearing Witness in Real Time - NYTimes.com (via new-aesthetic)

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Anonymous: If you were asked to educate a bunch of people who are uneducated when it comes to fashion which topic would you tackle first?


  • Don’t trust anyone who claims they “know” fashion. It suggests they’ve reached some kind of finish line, an absolute state of enlightenment. It is impossibe for a person to know everything about fashion. Whatever you think you know today could change tomorrow. Fashion moves quickly.
  • Don’t let Tumblr bloggers trick you into thinking that “knowing” fashion and being a pretentious fashion dickhead is cool. It’s just like any other interest you cultivate. There is no secret to it.
  • It’s okay to reblog a grainy 90s detail shot of archival Yohji Yamamoto just for the hell of it. Nobody is going to quiz you on it.
  • "Amanda Murphy in Prada fall-winter 2014 shearling coat, photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia August 2014" does not mean that someone "knows" fashion.
  • If you’re genuinely interested in learning more, write a blog. One of the best ways to learn is to teach somebody else.
  • Marc Jacobs once said that his creative process starts off with a blank piece of paper, then he draws a dot in the centre, then works around it. Start small, and let that interest grow organically. Whose work do you really admire? Study it. Read reviews, explore their references, and think about who they’re dressing. You’d be surprised how quickly you can get that ball rolling.
  • You don’t have to take a class to “know” fashion. There isn’t an entrance exam.

that last part is super true tbh

which is why i’m starting to regret ‘studying’ fashion